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21 & 30 day challenges are here!

If you have scrolled through the before and afters of the 75 hard challenge before and thought to yourself...that could totally be me, that MUST be *the* thing to do to finally get the body you're after....but also definitely lose steam for your challenges after a week, tops--this challenge is for you! While definitely a challenge- its infinitely more attainable for my newbs and baddies just struggling to kick it in to gear!

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work hard,
party harder

Welcome  to the party!! My mission here in the fitness space is to help you find movement you love, movement that feels fun  (think like crazy recess vibes, cartwheels in the grass fun), showing you how fun and effective workouts can be-even when there just 20 minutes, and to be a well balanced addition into your life!

I have created a library of nearly 700 workouts spanning every musical genre and decade (including exactly one country workout) designed to energize you, not drain you and give you every tool you need to jump off the yo-yo diet cycle and *all or nothing* mindset of fitness.

get badass with berns

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