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party starters

 Party Starters. Think of it as a bootcamp for instructors. Ive learned ALOTTTTTTTT in the last decade of teaching and the most important thing I have realized you NEED as an a community of other instructors to learn with and learn from. Im looking forward to building an online tribe of badass ladies who break outta the shadows and run the show. Build up your confidence in teaching and amplify your skillset as an instructor and choreographer. When we elevate our tribe with a group mindset of bettering ourselves, we grow together-which only makes the dance fitness community as a whole.

Being an instructor is a HARD JOB, and a job that people tend to view as *not a real job*....skuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr uh, NAH BRO. This shit is hard. Its especially hard when doing it solo. Ive fumbled through this for the past ten years and now I'm laser focused on delivering the most fun, effective and most importantly-SAFE workouts for people that stand out in the sea of generic fitness classes.

This is an all  in head over heels lets party for life kind of thing we've got going on. As long as you show up for me, i'll be right here showing up for you and giving you the tools to succeed fo life.  This mentorship program will be  $20 a month for as long as you choose to hang with me. cancel at anytime!

to get started, sign up HERE

no matter the fitness format you teach,i

get badass with berns

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