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oh hey babe. If you're like me pre-2017, and currently live on this wild cycle of....

Step 1: working out  HAAAARD and diet like The Rock for 6 weeks straight to drop 20 quickie pounds

Step 2:  Gain them back 2 weeks later upon to your grand return to any food that isn't tilapia and asparagus


Step 3: maybe gain 5 extra pounds too, bc #partymode. 


Step 4: Have an emotional breakdown in a Target dressing room when nothing fits 

Step 5: Vow to go extra hard, shop for tilapia and asparagus, wait for Monday. 

Bruhhhh, I know you think that there is no light at the end of this tunnel and all there is is this dank dark cave but guess what? I threw a stick of dynamite up in that bish,  lit it tf up and found a way out for myself and now am guiding my crew out the same path I took. I'm here for you, babe.

If you're looking for some 'drop 20 lbs in 5 weeks' kinda wild weight loss program, this aint it babe. What I'm aiming to accomplish is sustainable, forever, don't even think about it it just happens, kinda habitual badassery. I want this to be the last 'start over' kind thing you ever do. 



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